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Serviced Plots-Rainbow Gate

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About this property

Managed Residential Serviced Plots 
Our Regimanuel Gray New Territory Project at Katamanso, which is one of our ongoing projects on a land size of about 1300 acres, is aiming at developing about 17,000 houses in varied clusters. Out of this target, the cluster ‘H’ (Rainbow Gate) consisting of about 500 varied plots sizes is currently being developed.

Regimanuel Gray’s Rainbow Gate (Cluster H) is a well thought-out gated residential and commercial serviced plots with superb infrastructure, which offers clients the flexibility of designing and building their own house on a preferred plot size. 
It is located at Amanfrom – 7minutes drive off the Adenta Dodowa road

Managed Commercial Serviced Plots 
The Rainbow Gate also offers potential investors the opportunity to own portions of the commercial area (13.07acres) to serve the community with a projected population of about 1800 habitants with products and services. Eg Health centres, Supermarkets, Clubhouse, Restaurants, Schools, Beauty Clinics etc.

It assures high returns on investment considering the socio-economic class of this market. Exclusivity is also guaranteed for any business venture you engage in within the commercial area. The Rainbow Gate received three major road network connecting Amanfrom, Katamanso and Zenu which links to Tema. The high vehicular and pedestrian traffic on these routes provides a good source of potential market.

Rainbow Gate Estate Management 
To ensure complete serenity, safe living and value appreciation of your property, the Rainbow Gate is managed by RGEMC (A subsidiary estate management company of Regimanuel). The main objective is to replicate in Rainbow Gate the harmonious and desirable living conditions within our gated communities like, Golden Gate, Platinum, Diamond Hills, Balloon Gate, Silver Bells etc.

RGEMC coordinates and supervises all developments within the Rainbow Gate to ensure conformance to approved standards.

Available Infrastructure

  • Access road
  • Tarred road network within development
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Fibre-optic Internet Connectivity
  • Kids play area

           Size                             Price ($)         

  • 100’ x 40’                    $21,100.00
  • 100’ x 50’                    $27,700.00
  • 100’ x 70’                    $36,900.00
  • 100’ x 80’                    $42,200.00


 Bigger plot sizes available for sale upon request

Purchase Procedure

  • Download from Here or pick an application form (from Any Regimanuel Gray Office)
  • Complete and return a signed copy of the application form with the non refundable commitment fee of $1000. (The commitment fee would be adjusted against the final price of the plot )
  • Issuance of offer letter and sales agreement upon receipt of completed application form and commitment fee ($1000.00)
  • Deposit of up to 40% of the total sales price must be made within two months from the date of offer for the allocation of a plot.
  • Balance to be paid within a period of 10 months from the date of allocation of plot.
  • Land documentation would be issued upon completion of payment.

Our focus
As Regimanuel Gray Limited progresses, we do so with an unwavering promise to our valued clients to consistently offer market based products & services underpinned with uncompromised quality.

As the industry benchmark, RGL is constantly driven by our corporate focus for maintaining high industry standards and superior client service.


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