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A Tale of Humble Beginnings (1)

A Tale of Humble Beginnings

In 1983, when Mr. and Mrs. Botchwey returned home to Ghana to settle after a period of working overseas, the couple encountered a significant challenge: the house they had paid for had been sold to more than four people. This issue was a common difficulty faced by many Ghanaians in the diaspora at the time when trying to find a reliable way to build a house in Ghana.

With limited capital and no bank willing to finance what seemed like a risky venture, the couple set out to address this problem of acquiring housing. They began by constructing homes for friends and family living abroad who were seeking a dependable solution for acquiring homes in Ghana. Regimanuel Limited was founded in 1986, following the successful construction of smart and high-quality homes, one house at a time, for acquaintances.

The Birth of Regimanuel Gray Ltd

Mr. Emmanuel Botchwey, who was the Managing Director of Regimanuel Ltd at the time, established The Company’s first office using scrap containers intended for disposal after completing a construction contract for Air Liquide in 1989. Since then, the couple has immersed themselves deeper in the real estate and construction business. Their hard work, determination, and integrity attracted the interest of David Gray from Gray Construction in Texas, who had come to Ghana in 1990 to seek local partners.

In 1991, Regimanuel Limited and The Gray Partners joined forces to create Regimanuel Gray Ltd. Later, in an international joint venture, Aureos Capital Partners West Africa, a regional venture capital firm, also became a part of Regimanuel Gray Ltd (RGL).

Over the years, The Company has garnered significant investment interest due to its exceptional track record in delivering world-class construction projects. Regimanuel Gray Limited stands as a remarkable example of a successful private sector joint venture in Ghana, originally formed between Regimanuel Ltd, a Ghanaian company, and Gray Incorporated of Texas, USA. In 2008, the Aureos Africa Fund, a regional venture capital institution, joined the partnership.

In 2010, The Gray Partners sold their shares in The Company to Regimanuel Ltd and exited the business. In July 2019, the Aureos Africa Fund transitioned into Neoma Africa Fund L.L.C, a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

A truly international venture

A truly international venture

In 2004 The Company expanded internationally into Sierra Leone with the establishment of Regimanuel Gray (SL) Limited. In 2007, Regimanuel Gray Engineering & Construction Liberia was formed to explore the opportunities available in the newly emergent economy of Liberia.

Regimanuel Gray will continue to explore opportunities in the West African Sub Region to take advantage of the increased demand for planned housing communities in the Sub-Region.

Advancing Beyond 5,000 Homes – Pioneering Smart Construction for Tomorrow

In a rapidly urbanizing nation grappling with a housing deficit estimated at nearly 2 million homes, speed becomes a paramount factor. In response, Regimanuel Gray (RGL) has recently introduced an exceptionally user-friendly rapid formwork construction technology, capable of producing concrete structures at a rate at least three times faster than traditional construction methods.

These structures, supplied by Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc. (WTF) of Kansas State, USA, are also approximately five times stronger than their brick and mortar counterparts. This cast-in-place steel-reinforced concrete construction method is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of construction in Ghana.

RGL implemented the rapid formwork construction technique in the creation of 1,680 homes within its Klagon Housing Project. Structures erected using WTF’s precision-engineered concrete forms exhibit smoothness and straightness, requiring minimal or no plastering whatsoever.

Furthermore, all openings are precisely crafted, significantly reducing the time needed for door and window installation. Notably, these forms are designed for a guaranteed minimum of 1,000 concrete pours, further emphasizing their durability and efficiency.

New Endeavors – The Regimanuel Satellite City

New Endeavors – The Regimanuel Satellite City

Regimanuel Gray (RGL) has recently secured a sprawling 1,200-acre plot in Katamanso, just a brief 10-minute drive from Adenta Barrier in Accra. On this expansive site, The Company has embarked on the construction of a satellite city comprising 17,000 single and multi-family homes, organized into a series of gated communities. These communities will feature a comprehensive array of amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and various other community support services.

RGL is confident in its ability to realize this satellite city project using the innovative WTF mass housing technology, drawing inspiration from the success of South American developers who have annually delivered up to 40,000 homes using cast-in-place concrete building methods.
Throughout its years of operation, RGL has accumulated substantial expertise in executing turnkey projects, encompassing site development activities such as road infrastructure, drainage systems, water supply, and electrical distribution networks.


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