A new and vibrant Urban Oasis.

Planned 17,000 homes nestled moments away from East Legon Hills, Accra.

A mixed-use community development being developed in 10 independent communities with a total of 17,000 houses complete with schools, commercial, light industrial and shopping areas. Estimated year of completion is 2035

The Place.

RSC is located within 10 minutes drive from East Legon Hills in Accra. The 1,200-acre Development is bounded on the west by the Adenta, Amanfrom Township and stretches eastwards to the Katamanso Township. The southern section is bounded by East Legon Hills and Lakeside Estates.

The Plan.

Embarking on a journey to establish a Satellite City, we're set to revolutionize Accra's landscape through innovative Placemaking Infrastructure and Amenities. This marks our strategic move to usher in a Demand Pull feature, intended to propel the sale of over 17,000 distinctive homes.

Unleashing Value: 10 Communities and beyond.

Our blueprint revolves around the development of our ten (10) distinct gated communities, each contributing with its unique appeal to transcend the prominence of renowned areas like East Legon, Cantonments, and Airport Residential Area. We're confident that this approach will drive property values to soar, exceeding current estimates by over 100%.


A Snapshot.

You’ll love living here.

The Satellite City is connected by over 15km of good arterial roads, including a dual carriageway.

Residents will have easy access to East Legon Hills, Adjringanor, East Legon, Adenta, Amrahia, Oyibi and other thriving areas in Accra East. It is only 25 minutes by car to the Kotoka International Airport and 45 minutes to Accra’s central business district.

Within a 5km radius, you will have access to high performing schools, from creche to universities, and very good health facilities.

A 33KVA capacity substation with 11KVA distribution power lines by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), ensures a reliable and robust electrical supply to the Communities within Regimanuel Satellite City.

All 10 Communities at the Regimanuel Satellite City are Gated Communities. Regimanuel Gray Ltd places utmost importance on implementing robust security with access control and safety protocols in the public areas within the development.

As part of our renowned hallmarks, Regimanuel Satellite City is under the diligent management of Regimanuel Gray Estate Management Company Ltd, adhering to our customary practice across all our communities.

This oversight is dedicated to the meticulous upkeep of all public spaces, fostering orderliness, maintaining proper sanitation standards in these areas, and mitigating any potential disturbances to property owners within the Communities.


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From early childhood development to University education, residents will have easy acces, within minutes, to some of the best schools and Health Facilities in the city.


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Key transport

Basic Schools

IB Arthur School
Ivy Preparatory School ...

Event Venues

Kittiwake Garden
Lakeside Marina Garden

Wellness & Fitness

Sweat Out
The Klus ...


Aburi Girls Senior High School
West Africa Senior High School ..


Pot Belly Shack
Papa's Pizza ...

Recreational Centers

Elinesis Water Park
Kleine Park Events Center ...

Key Medical Facilities

Shai-Osudoku Distrct Hospital
St John of God Hospital ...


Melcom Plaza
Shop-it ...