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Customize Your
Own Bespoke Kitchen

At Regimanuel Gray, we believe that your kitchen is the heart of your home. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to create your own bespoke kitchen, tailored to your personal taste and lifestyle, as part of buying a house with us.

Whether you prefer a modern, sleek, minimalist look or a cozy, rustic, farmhouse style, we can help you turn your vision into reality. We work with professional kitchen designers and constructors to bring you the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and design.

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Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen gives you the freedom and flexibility to create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. You can choose the colors, styles, materials and features that suit your preferences and needs.

A bespoke kitchen adds value and appeal to your home. A well-designed and functional kitchen can increase the resale value of your home and attract more potential buyers.

A bespoke kitchen enhances your comfort and enjoyment. A kitchen that is customized to your liking can make cooking, dining and entertaining more fun and satisfying.

How does it work?

When purchasing a house with us, you will be required to fill out a House Purchase Application Form. Within this form, you have the option to specify your preference for a customized, tailor-made kitchen, as opposed to selecting the standard kitchen that is included with the house.

You will subsequently collaborate with our experienced kitchen design partners to create your desired design. You’ll have the opportunity to select from an extensive array, including cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, appliances, lighting, flooring, and more.

The price of the house will be adjusted based on the cost of the new option(s)

The payment plan for your new house, inclusive of your freshly tailored bespoke kitchen, will follow this structure:

  • An initial payment of 40% to initiate the house construction.
  • Another 40% when the construction reaches the lintel level.
  • The final 20% upon completion and the handover of your new home.

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