How to buy a house with our Installment Payment Plan

The Installment Payment Plan at Regimanuel Satellite City Explained

Our innovative 40-40-20 Payment Plan has been designed to simplify the house-buying process and make it more accessible for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Complete the Application Form & make a 40% down payment.

A Sale & Purchase Agreement will be signed to begin the construction of your dream house, all it takes is a 40% down payment. The Application Form is available here

  • When completing the House Purchase Application Form indicate;
      • if you wish to customize any area of your new home
      • if you wish to propose a tailored payment plan suitable for our circumstances.
An intersection within Adom Gate at Regimanuel Satellite City, East Legon Hills, Accra.

2. The next 40% payment is at the Lintel Level.

When your house reaches the lintel level, it’s time for the next phase. Settle the second 40%, and witness your home taking shape, becoming more than just bricks and mortar. 

A 3-Bedroom House at Lintel Level – Regimanuel Satellite City

3. Final 20% at handing over & induction into The Home Owners Association.

Finally, as your house nears completion, the remaining 20% is due. This step marks the exciting moment when you receive the keys and documents to your one-of-a-kind abode. You will be introduced to our award-winning Regimanuel Gray Estate Management Team during the handing over.

A 3-Bedroom House close to completion at Regimanuel Satellite City


You can contact any of our Sales Team members for assistance:
+233 204341329
+233 509999728
+233 501419091


You can request to arrange a special monthly steady payment plan for your house after your initial 40% deposit. This gives you more flexibility if you wish to avoid lump sum payments.

⭕️ Infrastructure & Amenities at Regimanuel Satellite City

✅️ Electricity – 33kva dedicated Substation, with 11kva redistribution.
✅️ Access to Portable Water – Direct 250mm HDPE connection to the main Ghana Water Company Substation.

In addition, every house gets an overhead water storage tank.

✅️ Road Networks – A 10.5km dual carriageway connects Regimanuel Satellite City to East Legon Hills, Adenta Oyibi Highway & Katamanso. Our Communities also have well-maintained internal roads, a result of the professional estate management services being provided.
✅️ Underground Drainage System – For flood control & the beautification of our streetscapes.
✅️ Greening Project to foster healthy living by improving the air quality in an ecologically friendly environment.
✅️ 24-Hour Robust Community Security for all the 10 Gated Communities.
✅️ Professional Estate Management Services to give your property long-term value.




  1. Please, may I know the total amount involved in getting a 3 bedroom house?

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