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Regimanuel Gray Limited was incorporated in 1991 with real estate development and home building as its core business. The company has over the years acquired a great deal of expertise in turnkey project site development including roadwork, drainage, water and electrical distribution networks. Regimanuel Gray Limited represents a notable successful example of private sector joint-ventures....


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Regimanuel Gray Group website. The real estate and construction industry in Ghana which we have been engaged in for the past 24 years has been consistently bedevilled with challenges such as difficulty in accessing long term funding, high interest rates, land acquisition perils and the high taxes on imported inputs. These overwhelming ....

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Quality - A focus on offering our valued clients nothing but the very best and always staying a step ahead of the competition.

Professionalism - Making available to our cherished clients the full range of our expertise and experience to deliver value for money.

Dependability - A tradition of complete dedication of honesty to our valued clients.

Timeliness - Delivering products/services to our Valued clients at the most convenient time without compromising on quality.

  Prime accessible locations  
  Superior design  
Post purchase expansion      possibilities
Variety of house types
Professional management      services
Environmental Serenity
  Well planed estates  
  Attractive units with      ambiance  
  Beautiful landscaping  
Good healthy enhancing      enviroment
  Distinct RGL heritage look  
Secured Living
  Gated community  
  Security Services  
  Street Lights  
  Legal documentation  
Superb Infrastructure
Well constructed roads,      underground drainage      /sewage system
Advanced building      technology
Fully serviced units
Electricity backup for all our      apartments
Estate Management Services
Property investment      management
Post Purchase Expansion      Supervision and Support
Cleaning and Waste      management
  Aesthetic management  
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